The Salumi Australia range is made using 100% local Australian Pork originating from growers such as Bangalow Sweet Pork Co and Byron Bay Pork Co, hormone free, antibiotic free with no artificial flavourings added and is 100% Gluten Free. The process of maturation, using age old techniques allowing airflow to circulate each and every product within the drying and ageing room is the key to obtaining this unique texture and flavour found in European smallgoods. With the addition of specific spices, the use of natural casings, choice of a larger animal and traditional manufacturing methods, Salumi Australia has a supremely flavoursome product.


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Salumi Retail Range
100gm Sliced Packs, 250gm Spreadable Salami, Chorizo

Fresh Products
Salsiccia Fresca (fresh pork sausage) 
Chorizo (spanish paprika infused sausage)

 Cacciatorini (small rustic salami)
Salsiccia Sarda (dry sardinian salami)
Salame Classico (classic italian salami) 
Salame Inferno (hot italian salami)
Salame Casareccio (home style italian salami)
Sopressa Milano (black pepper infused  large italian salami)
Salame Finocchiona (fennel and garlic infused large italian salami)
Strolghino (small salami of prosciutto)
N’Duja (very spicy spreadable calabrian salami)
Sobrasada (spreadable paprika infused chorizo)

Cured Pork Jowl 
Guanciale (sea salt and black pepper cured pork cheek)

Cured Pork Belly
Pancetta Stesa Pepata (black pepper dusted flat pork belly)
Pancetta Affumicata (naturally cold smoked flat pork belly)

Cured Pork Loin
Lonza (sea salt, black pepper and juniper berry cured pork loin)

Cured Pork Eye Fillet
 Mustela (pork fillet cured with black pepper, nutmeg, coriander and balsamic vinegar)

Cured Pork Leg
Speck (cured, cold smoked and aged hind quarter)

Cured Beef
Bresaola (air-dried aged beef)
Slinzega Affumicata (cured and cold smoked beef)

Cured Kangaroo Leg
Roosciutto (indigenous spiced aged bone-in kangaroo leg)