Byron Bay Fine Food and Beverage Festival

Finest Cured Flavours at Byron Bay Food Festival

Salumi Australia and Bottarga Australia are ready to showcase our finest cured flavours as sponsors of the upcoming inaugural Byron Bay Fine Food and Beverage Festival.

The festival, run by Sample Events, is being held on Saturday, 3 June from 11am to 7pm in the parklands adjacent to the award-winning Elements of Byron resort in beautiful Byron Bay.

The Byron Bay Fine Food and Beverage Festival will include:

  • Fine Food and Beverage Masterclasses,
  • A Producers’ Marquee showcasing 50 of Australia’s finest food producers,
  • Winery and Beverage Marquees showcasing 12 wineries from across Australia as well as local craft brewers, cider producers and distilleries,
  • Restaurant Marquees, where our region’s finest Chefs will prepare a signature tasting plates for sale throughout the day,
  • and a Music Stage.

Salumi Australia and Bottarga Australia will be in good company in the festival’s Producers’ Marquee where visitors can sample and purchase our finest cured flavours. We will have a delicious selection from our award-winning range for festival goers to sample and take home including our:

  • Cacciatorini and Cacciatorini Piccante – small rustic salamis,
  • Salame Casareccio – a rustic homestyle salami,
  • ‘Nduja and Sobrasada – our spreadable salamis, and
  • Bottarga.

For the uninitiated, Bottarga is salt cured, pressed and dried mullet roe. It’s a Sardinian delicacy for grating over seafood pasta or onto pizza. It can also be served thinly sliced in olive oil or lemon juice as an appetizer.

To find out more about Bottarga and the fascinating process involved in creating this delicacy, sign up for our festival Masterclass in the Producers’ Marquee from 5.30pm – 6.10pm where Michael and Massimo from Salumi and Bottarga Australia will teach you all there is to know about “The Roe to Health and the Art of Bottarga”.

Tickets to the Byron Bay Fine Food and Beverage Festival are available online at

Registrations for the Bottarga Masterclass can be made at the festival, but get in early as the classes are limited to 50 people.

Salumi Australia Bottarga

Why Bottarga is the Viagra of the Sea

Ask a born and bred Sardinian gent his opinion on Bottarga and he is bound to divulge to you a little trade secret: Bottarga is the Viagra of the Sea.  But what is it about this potently flavoured delicacy of cured and dried fish roe that Sardinian men believe makes them more …well … potent?

Bottarga has a long history and has been enjoyed by Sardinians as far back as the Byzantine period. It is the salt cured, pressed and dried roe of Mediterranean fish such as mullet or tuna. Bottarga is often served as thin slices with olive oil, lemon juice and bread for an appetiser or grated over pizza and pasta dishes for a delicious umami flavour. Australian chefs have embraced the Sardinian delicacy in recent years, but beyond its reputation in the kitchen, Bottarga has several other potent features that have earned it the Sardinian title of Viagra of the Sea.

Bottarga is a good source of Zinc

Zinc is an essential mineral that has several health functions. One of these functions is to enable the male body to produce testosterone. Bottarga is a good source of zinc – just like oysters – and that’s why it is described as the Viagra of the Sea in the same way that oysters are described as an ‘aphrodisiac’.

Bottarga is a good source of Omega-3

A decrease in the level of good fats such as Omega–3 fatty acids can have a negative effect on hormonal levels in the body. Being a fish product, Bottarga is a really good source of Omega-3. Some of the most notable benefits of Omega-3 for men are that it can reduce inflammation, can improve mood and brain function and can improve heart health and possibly stamina.

Bottarga is a good source of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is particularly important to men for improving mental ability, hair growth and increasing testosterone levels. Bottarga is a good source of Vitamin D so if you can’t get enough sun rays for Vitamin D production during your week then maybe you should try some Bottarga in your diet.

So rather than oysters with your champagne this Valentine’s Day, why not indulge in some Salumi Australia Bottarga and find out for yourself why Bottarga is the Viagra of the Sea. Or better still, try some Bottarga with your oysters. Good luck!