Storing and Caring for your Salumi

Your Salumi products should be stored in a covered carton, paper or cotton bag in the vegetable crisper of the refrigerator. This area of the refrigerator runs at a higher humidity level, of 60 to 80% – the ideal storage conditions for aged salami and whole muscle products, in order to retain moisture and prevent drying out.

Salumi and the Fermentation Process

Traditionally, cured salami generates a mould on the outside of its casing naturally during the ageing process. The mould adds to the overall aroma and complexity of flavour of the salami. Whole muscle product will also generate mould during the ageing process.

Preparing your Salumi

Peeling away the natural casing and netting of the product is essential. If difficult to peel, wrap in a moist paper towel to rehydrate the casing before slicing and peeling.

Remember to always monitor your product and slice freshly as required. Discard any slices that have been overly exposed to air, before slicing more.