In Bulletin

Hertfordshire native Darren Robertson is now a longtime Northern Rivers local. After years spent working at renowned Sydney institution Tetsuya’s he joined the Three Blue Ducks group, helping to launch the Byron outlet at The Farm. As well as more recently wine bar Oma in town centre, where he showcases his passions for both sustainable fare and Salumi Australia.

“We want to showcase local produce and serve up 2-3 things on a plate – that’s it,” he says of Oma. “We have a really interesting deli counter offerings with cured meats (courtesy of Salumi Australia), pickles, cheese, and seafood, with some juicy natural wines.”

Among the simple snacks served at Oma is an impressive array of Salumi Australia “We have bresaola served with cherries, beautiful guanciale sliced to order, and paired with a beetroot pickled Japanese-style and plucked from @thefarmatbyronbay. Not to mention the spicy salami, flavoured with juniper and pepper berry.”