Favourite foodies: November

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How do our favourite local foodies cook with Salumi Australia at home? Have a gander below.

David Lovett, Head Chef Ethel
“Sarah, Archie, Lennox and I really just love eating nduja as it is, alongside some potato chips and pile of anchovy-stuffed olives. That’s our favourite afternoon snack in the sun! Smear the nduja on a chip and get a little of the olive brine on there too – that with a cold beer, negroni or white wine is a joy!

“But I also love it melted into a pan then Goolwa pipis thrown in to burst open and their juice to mix with the fiery paste. It creates a beautiful sauce to be dipped and soaked with bread. I’ve filled ravioli with it, stuffed it in a jaffle with mozzarella, jammed it into focaccia before baking and slipped small lumps of it into pitted green olives, crumbed and fried them too like olive all’ascolana…”

Magdalena Roze, Presenter and cookbook author
Magdalena’s favourite way to tuck into Salumi Australia mortadella? The ‘everything local sanga’. “Made because the Salumi Australia mortadella is next level and after tasting it I couldn’t stop thinking about a sandwich I had in Italy when I was travelling with my sister around 20 years ago. Every day we went to the same deli to have this simple but most exquisite Italian sandwich for lunch: crusty bread with freshly sliced mortadella, mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes marinated in olive oil, salt and pepper. It was just heaven. And so is this one. Thanks to a baguette from The Bread Social, Coopers Shoot tomatoes in olive oil, Olsson Salt and Picone Exotics pepper, fior di latte from Ethel and this exceptional mortadella from Salumi Australia for taking me back to my wild and free youth in Capri for the afternoon!”

Daniela Maiorano, Chef
“Only if you’re from Roma can you understand how important a good guanciale is to make a real carbonara. When I use Salumi Australia ‘s Guanciale the smell and flavour takes me straight back home. It’s difficult to find such good products here – Salumi Australia’s version is beautifully cured and with a strong and unique flavour that melts in your mouth,” says chef Daniela Maiorano.

Sarah Swan, Co-owner Bay Grocer
I’ve been using Salumi Australia products for years! It’s hard to pick a favourite but my go to for a fast ’sure to impress’ moment is their ’nduja. With gnocchi or barbecued baby octopus, on a pizza, in an omelette, for breakfast with soft fried eggs on sourdough – or the absolute best idea of all  – all melty and delicious in a jaffle with your favourite cheese. I choose manchego!”