Happy Mortadella Day!

PSA – today is mortadella day! A celebration of the iconic pork delicacy from Bologna, Italy. The making of Mortadella is believed to be over 500 years old and a tradition we are proudly [...]

Happy National Bacon Day!

Happy National Bacon Day! If there was ever a day to dive into bacon this is it – welcome to National Bacon Day, a chance to celebrate the porky goodness that adds extra oomph to every [...]

CHEF SERIES: Dario Manca, Rosmarino

Attention Queensland, Rosmarino Brisbane has just landed. With chef Dario Manca and Salumi Australia on the menu we know we’re in for a treat. Among the menu at the new Rosmarino is a [...]

Aussie Artisan Week is back!

#aussieartisanweek is back August 16-22, dreamt up by Pepe Saya and Olsson’s Salt this is a celebration of artisan producers across the nation. For us at Salumi Australia#aussieartisanweek [...]

Let’s talk about mould

Lets Talk Mould. The mould on the outside of salami is naturally occurring, sprouting when it’s hanging in the dry rooms post-fermentation. It’s a triple whammy – protecting the [...]

Notes from Nonna

There’s rarely anyone who knows better than Nonna. So we’ve collected some bite-sized pieces of wisdom from the Nonnas in Massimo’s family this month. “Good quality lard [...]


Cookbook author and cooking teacher Belinda Jeffery has turned heads in the Northern Rivers thanks to her simple approach to food. Among her easy entertaining suggestions lie plenty of potential [...]


How do our favourite local foodies cook with Salumi Australia at home? Have a gander below. Christine Manfield “Supporting small business in the food I source and choose to cook with, I have long [...]

Favourite foodies: November

How do our favourite local foodies cook with Salumi Australia at home? Have a gander below. David Lovett, Head Chef Ethel “Sarah, Archie, Lennox and I really just love eating nduja as it [...]

Salumi celebrates Sardinia in Byron Bay

Salumi Australia is proud to be a part of the ever growing collective of quality local food businesses drawing attention from wider Australia and the world to the Byron Bay region. To celebrate [...]

Whole Muscle Salumi Explained

When we talk about whole muscle salumi we are referring to cuts of meat that are gently cured and aged in their entirety. Unlike a fermented salami of minced meat mixed with natural fat and [...]

History of Salami in Australia

The History of Salami in Australia dates back to the two decades following the end of World War II in 1945. During this post-war era, more than two million immigrants, mostly from the United [...]

Why Bottarga is the Viagra of the Sea

Ask a born and bred Sardinian gent his opinion on Bottarga and he is bound to divulge to you a little trade secret: Bottarga is the Viagra of the Sea.  But what is it about this potently [...]

How to Eat Spreadable Salami

Have you ever wondered how to eat spreadable salami? You may have seen spreadable salami in your local providore or market. In its whole form, spreadable salami can come in a variety of shapes, [...]

Four Tips for Eating Salumi

Salumi encompasses a wide assortment of Italian cured meats and fermented small goods. From traditional Salame that you see hanging in quality delicatessens, to slices of streaky Pancetta and [...]


Salumi Australia is excited to launch our new 100% Free Range Pork Chorizo and Smoked Chorizo into retail outlets this month.

Salumi Fit for Royalty

Salumi Australia wins silver commercial exhibitor award In our first year of exhibiting at Australia’s largest annual event, Salumi cleaned up the silver Commercial Exhibitor Award Thanks to the [...]

Crossed Grain Approval

After countless microbiological tests and a very lengthy wait, Salumi Australia has been accepted for endorsement by Coeliac Australia Keep an eye out for their products at the local independent [...]