Four Tips for Eating Salumi

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Salumi encompasses a wide assortment of Italian cured meats and fermented small goods. From traditional Salame that you see hanging in quality delicatessens, to slices of streaky Pancetta and spreadable salamis like Nduja – there are so many varieties.

But what’s the best way to eat that rustic sausage of Salame Casareccio or those delicate paper thin slices of Lonza? At Salumi Australia we have put together our simple Four Tips for Eating Salumi to help you get the most enjoyment out of eating salumi at home. Buon Appetito!

When do I eat Salumi?

Salumi is ready to eat at any time of the day!

In the morning you may like to serve thin slices of semi-aged Pancetta as part of a continental breakfast table or you can even cook the smoked pancetta just like you would bacon. You can also spread some Sobrasada on sourdough toast and top it with a golden fried egg for a delicious protein filled breakfast.

During the day, try slices of our mild flavoured Sopressa Milano layered on a sandwich or served alongside a variety of other Salumi as part of a cured meat platter.

Of course, Salumi slices are ideal served on their own with an apperitivo before dinner!

Speaking of which, there are many ways to add salumi to your evening meal. Chorizo is essential to an authentic Paella to feed a crowd. It can also be chopped, pan-fried and added to a simple pasta dish. While sliced salami such as our Salame Classico is perfect on a wood fired pizza or in a calzone for dinner.

What temperature do I eat Salumi?

You should eat Salumi at room temperature. Make sure you remove your salumi from the refrigerator at least 30 minutes prior to serving. Or, if you’re a hang your salumi around in a dark food cupboard type of individual, then just take it off the hook and slice away.

What do I eat with Salumi?

At Salumi Australia we enjoy nothing more than eating our salumi products on their own to appreciate their new old flavour. We’re purists! It’s a good idea to keep your salumi platter separate from your cheese board. Also, there’s no need to serve accompaniments such as pickles or condiments on your salumi board. Served plain and simple it’s a great way to appreciate the different nuances and flavours. You may like to serve your salumi with crusty sourdough as a carrier or vessel – especially alongside the spreadable varieties such as our Nduja.

What do I drink with Salumi?

Our salumi is made from the best 100% Australian Pork we can find. The pork fat found in our products is where the flavour is at. To cut through the fat, try a glass of crisp and fizzy Prosecco. Smoked meats such as our cold Smoked Chorizo are perfectly matched with the peaty nature of Scotch, while the fennel and garlic infusion in our Salame Finocchiona works well with the botanical backgrounds found in Gin.

Follow our Four Tips for Eating Salami and you will be well on your way to getting the most from your salumi at home. But be experimental too and let us know any other tips you discover!