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Elizabeth Hewson is fast becoming one of Australia’s favourite pasta masters, having amassed a devoted following on Instagram, with her home cooking journey documented via #saturdaynightpasta. She’s no stranger to Italian at home or Salumi Australia it seems…

Top tips for easy summer entertaining?
“Keep it simple. There is no need to overcomplicate cooking for friends. Focus your attention on sourcing beautiful ingredients and then you won’t need to do much with them!”

Your non-negotiable when it comes to pasta?
“Wine. Pasta is always best enjoyed with a glass of wine.”

Ideal antipasto?
“I prefer to have less on the plate but more generous portions. 2 or 3 generous wedges of cheese over an array of different cheeses.”

Favourite Salumi Australia product for feeding a crowd?
“I love Salumi Australia nduja, which is perfect tossed through hot pasta with some mascarpone (and cherry tomatoes if you have them on hand). It’s an instant pasta sauce!”

Your fail-safe tips for setting a table when entertaining?
“Food should be the centrepiece. Pop it all down the centre for everyone to help themselves. I think it’s a generous way of entertaining and keeps things casual.”