Meet our Farmers – Gooralie Free Range Pork

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At Salumi Australia we support ethical and sustainable pig farming practices. We absolutely believe you can taste the difference in pork from a pig that has enjoyed a happy and healthy life.

To recreate our traditional Sardinian slow food recipes, we searched high and low to find a pig farmer who could meet our pork supply needs. The pork needed to have superior flavour and tenderness and come from a source where the farmers and facilities were world class. We wanted to develop a long term, sustainable relationship with a farmer who embraced ethical animal husbandry practices – this included meeting the pigs’ dietary, health and environmental requirements – and a farmer who employed handlers concerned about the wellbeing of their animals.

We found one.

Meet our Farmers – Gooralie Free Range Pork. Gooralie is a family owned pork production business located near Goondiwindi on Queensland’s fertile Darling Downs. Here, the free-range pigs are raised in an outdoor, natural setting where they are fed a nutritiously balanced diet free from chemical residue, antibiotics and hormone growth promotants.
Gooralie Free Range Pork is the only RSPCA approved piggery in Queensland and the longest standing in Australia. All their pigs are free range. They have the freedom to truffle, play and wallow in the mud to their hearts’ content. Their pork is produced to RSPCA Australia Incorporated standards as the pigs are maintained according to RSPCA Australia Incorporated requirements.

Gooralie Free-Range Pork is also Free Range in accordance with Australian Pork Limited’s (APL) APIQ Free Range Certification.

The pigs at Gooralie have access to the outdoors twenty-four hours a day. They have space and litter in which to express their natural behavioural traits and to socialise. They also have constant access to fresh water and feed, where they are protected from the elements and predators.

We are proud to be working alongside the farmers at Gooralie. Like us, they know only too well that producing flavoursome, succulent and all natural pork begins with an animal friendly environment.