Notes from Nonna

 In Bulletin

There’s rarely anyone who knows better than Nonna. So we’ve collected some bite-sized pieces of wisdom from the Nonnas in Massimo’s family this month.

“Good quality lard makes the best pastry”
Wise words from Massimo’s mother Nonna Clementina knows her way around pastry. The unabashed sweet treat likes her seadas made with lard-based pastry, stuffed with fermented young cheese, shallow fried then drizzled in warm honey.

The key to a long life? To eat simply said Nonna Loddo, Massimo’s Sardinian Nonna who lived to the ripe old age of 100. Homemade food, free from processing was her forte. Especially when it came to sea urchin, which she used to eat straight out of the ocean.

“Grow as much of your food as you can.”
Massimo’s Sardinian Nonna followed the same ethos as Salumi Australia – grow your own, and where you can’t, buy local.