Salumi Australia 100% Free Range Pork Chorizo and Smoked Chorizo

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Salumi Australia is excited to launch our new 100% Free Range Pork Chorizo and Smoked Chorizo into retail outlets this month.

Our cured and fermented Chorizo range is made from 100% Free Range Pork raised in Goondiwindi, southern Queensland at Gooralie Free Range Pork.

We handpicked Gooralie as our Free Range Pork supplier as their all-natural pork meat is the best we have tasted. Gooralie Free Range Pork is the longest standing RSPCA approved farming scheme piggery in Australia. Their pigs are fed a natural, nutritiously balanced diet free from chemical residue, antibiotics and hormone growth promotants. Their happy pigs roam freely with constant access to fresh water, feed and shelter. With happy pigs we believe you really can taste the difference.

Like all of Salumi Australia’s cured meats and fermented small goods, our Chorizo and Smoked Chorizo contain no fillers or binders. Low levels of nitrite are present to ensure unwanted bacteria are eliminated during the fermentation process.

Our Chorizo and Smoked Chorizo are naturally cased. They are cured and fermented for 48 hours resulting in a 15-20% weight loss.

Salumi Australia Chorizo

Our cured and fermented semi-dried Chorizo is flavoured with paprika in the Spanish tradition. It is ideal for grilling or for adding flavour to dishes such as paella, stews or pasta.

When grilling, score the Chorizo and cook over a medium heat to allow the smoky paprika to infuse with the natural pork fat for incredible flavour.

When using Chorizo in your favourite dishes it can be added sliced and chopped during the cooking process or it can be pan-fried and added at the end of a recipe.

Salumi Australia Smoked Chorizo

Our cured and fermented Smoked Chorizo is naturally cold smoked for 24 hours during the 48 hour fermentation process. We only use natural cold smoke without the addition of liquid smoke preservative.

When cooking, our Smoked Chorizo can be used in a similar way to our Chorizo. The difference is that the introduction of natural smoke during the fermentation process accentuates the paprika seasoning and broadens any dish with its inclusion.

What to drink with your Chorizo?

For wine pairing, Chorizo is best served with Cabernet and Merlot blend or a light Spanish red such as a Rioja. As part of a tapas style menu, a Spanish Manzanilla sherry works well with Chorizo.

We look forward to bringing our 100% Free Range Pork Chorizo and Smoked Chorizo to your favourite stockist you so you really can taste the difference.