Salumi sessions with Three Blue Ducks and The Farm

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In a true ‘farm to table’ experience, Salumi Australia recently joined forces with Chefs from Three Blue Ducks and staff from The Farm Byron Bay for the first of hopefully many planned ‘salumi sessions’. On a Winter’s night after hours, this keen group of real food lovers gathered at Salumi HQ with our staff to learn about the art of salami making and to teach us a thing or two about getting creative in the kitchen.

The group included The Farm’s livestock manager and manager who are passionate advocates for raising pork in the most ethical way they can. All pigs at The Farm are pasture raised, something of which they are extremely proud. The farm’s pigs have more room to free range, forage and roam than the industry standard and live happy and healthy lives in the outdoors. Three Blue Ducks were represented by a keen team of chefs, kitchen staff and work placement students ready to learn all they could about salami making.

It was a hands-on affair with everyone getting involved in the slicing and preparation of pork meat and fat necessary to make the salami. The team then got creative, thinking about flavour combinations for the salami, destined to feature on the Ploughman’s Boards at Three Blue Ducks at The Farm. It was great to see the collaboration going on. After plenty of debate, the crew decided on three flavours: ‘Miss Myrtle’ which included lemon myrtle, cracked pepper, red wine and smoked garlic, ‘Dr Pepper’ which included rosemary, cracked black pepper, white pepper and smoked garlic and ‘420’ which included fresh jalapenos and smoked garlic.

The flavours, pork and fat were combined by hand before being pushed through a sausage machine into casings and nets. All hail Massimo from Salumi who made it look so easy! Meanwhile, the Chefs didn’t want to see the excess pork fat wasted and so made ‘sausages’ of their own flavoured fat which they have fermented for kitchen experiments!

After a tour of the Salumi facilities, the fresh salamis were wheeled in to the ageing rooms where they have spent eight weeks. After some testing for flavour, the salamis were recently delivered to the kitchen at Three Blue Ducks at The Farm and will hit the menu soon.

Thanks to the great staff at The Farm and Three Blue Ducks for initiating the ‘salumi sessions’ and we look forward to doing it all again soon