Native Sardinian, Massimiliano Scalas had a vision!

To create an Australian made artisan style salumi range, in the European slow food tradition, sourcing local ingredients and supporting our Australian farmers.

Missing the wonderful salumi of his native homeland, together with partner Rebecca McEwan and business partner Michael Dlask, the trio created Salumi Australia as a way to share their passion for the world of microbes and their desire to create a community to celebrate the tradition of fermented meats.

With the support of family and friends, Massimo, Rebecca and Michael opened the doors in 2010 to the first custom built smallgoods manufacturing plant in the Byron Bay region.

Along with a dedicated team of skilled specialists they have worked tirelessly to develop an award-winning range of cured meats and fermented small goods that is now available Australia wide and proudly fulfilling Massimo’s vision.


At Salumi Australia we craft consciously cured meats and fermented small goods – known in Italy as salumi – beneath the green hills of the Byron Bay hinterland. In crafting our award winning salumi range, we have consciously returned to the traditional curing and fermentation techniques that our Italian ancestors developed centuries ago. Using slow food techniques and locally sourced ingredients wherever we can, we believe you really can taste the difference. We like to call it the new old flavour.

Sourcing 100% LOCAL AUSTRALIAN PORK ethically farmed with no added hormones or artificial flavourings, antibiotic free, gluten free and endorsed by Coeliac Australia. The culture of fermentation and maturation throughout our drying and ageing processes is the key to obtaining the unique texture and flavour found in our European style smallgoods.

“Sourcing local Australian pork ethically farmed to the highest standards is our commitment to you.”