Our retail range has been carefully curated to provide our customers with fresh, fast, and reliable options of our favourite products to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Pancetta Affumicata 300g

(cold smoked pork belly)

Free Range Guanciale 300g

(slow-aged pork cheek)

Bottarga Fillet 110g

(salted & dried mullet roe)

Bottarga Grated 50g

(salted & dried mullet roe grated)

Original Chorizo 200g

Chilli Chorizo 200g


‘Nduja 100g

(spicy spreadable salami)

Sobrasada 100g

(spreadable chorizo)

Pork Sausage 500g

Pork & Fennel Sausage 500g


Native Sausage 500g

(lemon myrtle & mountain pepper)

Garlic & Chilli Sausage 500g

(garlic & chilli)

Casareccio Originale 240g


Casareccio Piccante 240g


Casareccio Finocchietto 240g


Native Salami 240g

(aniseed myrtle & mountain pepper)

Classico 100g


Lonza 80g

(slow-aged pork loin)

Finocchiona 100g


Mortadella 100g


Piccante 100g


Tartufo 80g